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Laisse moi me rêvez

An entity in a field, resting, and wanting to be left to its dreams.

"I tried to make use of different techniques to create depth to this painting without the use of shadows. I want people to feel like 'diving in'."
- Tarwan

The Illusion

"I titled this 'The Illusion' because it related to our tendency to dearly hold on to the earthly. I believe we should look further, to the cosmos. There are characteristics of a prison, symbolizing the prison of our earthly life. However, it is breaking down in the bottom right corner. Cycles eventually will come to an end."
- Pascal .

Waiting for Love

A lone man looking out into a dark sea, waiting for love.
- Tarwan


An unsettled feeling. Is it something or someone that you lost? That you let go off? It is all right as it is, it couldn't be any other way. There is a road ahead, we can move on.

"I titled this painting '?' because it is about a feeling that is hard for me to put a term on. It's about that feeling of living a beautiful moment, but knowing deep inside that we will steer it towards its inevitable end. About that feeling of missing something or someone, but also knowing that there is a future. Perhaps it's optimistic missing."
- Tarwan

The Two Ladies

"To me, this painting is about female freedom. The look on the face of the woman on the right is not meant to signal unhappiness, nor happiness, but steadfastness. The woman on the left symbolizes someone that has been through a lot, but is still standing straight up."

Next to her, one can find a small bump of coloured paint.

"This can be related to that small piece of gold we can find at different, sometimes unexpected, places in life. When reading a great book, but also during a conversation with a person at a bar."
- Tarwan

No-Bow Man

"This archer is a bit of a useless guy. He has one arrow, without a bow."
- Pascal .

My Secret Thoughts

"This painting is about our secret thoughts and taboo desires. There is also an element of split personalities in there. How often don't we think about money, feel lust, and experience other desires?"
- Tarwan

For this work, Tarwan used a 'scraping' technique, which involved using materials to scrape the painting, creating a textured effect on parts of the painting.


"With this painting I tried to search for shapes, like the dog running down to the right. I also attempted to work with distorted perspectives, trying to do so without the use of shadows. The scenery depicts a place where I'd like to be, but also wouldn't like to be. There is a sense of ambiguity in it for me."
- Tarwan